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    Three generations, one story.

    Opting for Ramacieri Soligo means selecting Montreal’s reference in high-end ceramic tiles and plumbing equipment while benefitting from an unrivaled service and expertise. With its five showrooms spread over approximately 14,500 square feet, the family business established in Outremont offers an impressive range of products for individuals as well as professionals. Accomplice of your residential and commercial projects, the company is proud to be surrounded by such passionate and creative employees. Nearly 50 years and after its foundation, it continues to grow thanks to its amazing and competent team. Three generations later and bolder than ever, Ramacieri Soligo remains Montreal’s number one destination for top-of-the-line ceramic tiles and plumbing accessories.

    A project, an idea, a building, and an other idea, but first and foremost an ideology.Things evolve very quickly, we have to stand out. To succeed, we need to choose the best team, the one who possesses the talent, the knowledge, as well as the best manners. What we want to pass on, is our philosophy, the one that makes a place seem more appealing, less hostile, this place that gives you the impression of getting the work done while keeping a hearty and family based climate, that is the mission we chose.To achieve our goal, we cannot be alone, we have to surround ourselves with great spirits. Thanks to those people who choose on a daily basis, to convey those values all while participating with pride to the experience that is, Ramacieri Soligo.

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    Catherine Bernaquez, Development and Marketing Director, reveals the story behind the acquisition of the cement tiles.

    It is while on a short stay in Paris that Catherine discovers the Moroccan cement tiles. As she was getting her hair done in a salon of the Marais district, she noticed the floor and instantly fell in love. It was a floor covered with typical oriental style tiles in tones of grey. Immediately she asked where she could get these tiles? Only the owner knew, she was told, and she was out of the country at the moment. After many phone call attempts and unanswered emails, Catherine persisted and finally gets a contact in Morocco. Two years after seeing the tiles in the salon, the same tiles were also installed in the offices of Ramacieri Soligo in Montreal. Since then, she has developed a strong business relationship with the Moroccan tile supplier, and together they create exclusive collections for Ramacieri Soligo and Soligo, in Quebec city.
    The most recent cement collection includes more patterns and colours. Catherine got inspired by the classical floral patterns, but for a more modern context. A more varied geometry with different shapes and lines can also be found in tones of grey, black, ecru, tender green, clear blue and navy blue.
    This story of acquisition for the cement tiles, now called Medina, illustrates well the tenacious spirit of the Ramacieri Soligo team to distinguish itself in the tile industry.

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