Justine Gagné

Commercial Sales Coordinator

Creative and curious, Justine is an interior designer who has mastered the art of embellishing the apartments she has shared over the years. She is known for her open mind and her passion for everything related to art and fashion. The Farrow & Ball color that inspires her the most, India Yellow, reflects her personality perfectly: authentic, warm and vibrant.

_What do you read to find inspiration?

I really like apartmenttherapy.com and Intérieurs, a decorating magazine.

_What is your favorite city?

It is going to sound boring, but I love Montreal. There are so many great buildings and public spaces here. For example, just consider how beautiful Westmount Square and La Fontaine Park are. Our city is also the home of very stylish restaurants like Furco, in the Quartier des spectacles. And let’s not forget all the good cafés! My favorite of all is Flocon Espresso.

_What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

Running myself a hot bath and taking taxis… a little too often!

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