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    Pure et Original

    Unique, matte finish with streaked or cloudy effect

    Using traditional methods, Pure & Original makes 100% natural, sustainable, environment-friendly and affordable alternative paints for beautifying any interior.

    Fresco has a unique matte finish and a subtle colour palette. It creates a streaked or cloudy effect depending on brush motions during application. Tint variations occur naturally during drying, thanks to a reaction between the product’s ingredients and water. Unlike other products on the market, this lime-based paint is available in pre-mixed gallons and requires only a brush to apply.


    More than 100 colors


    Sample 250mL ,1L, 2.5L

    Retail Price

    27$, 75$, 167$

    Approximative Coverage

    28 ft2, 108 ft2, 270 ft2


    Moisture regulating, 100% Natural, Eco-Friendly


    It is strongly recommended to use Pure & Original WallPrim, and depending on the type of surface, Dead Flat Eco Sealer may be required


    Pure et Original

    Pure et Original, une entreprise familiale d'origine Belge, crée des peinture aux pigments naturels et riches, à partir d'ingrédients et de matériaux de haute qualité. Les techniques de production répondent aux exigences environnementales les plus strictes.

    Collections :
    Liccetto, et Classico, des peintures au fini mat pour les murs
    Carrazzo, pour une application au sol
    Fresco et Marrakech, peintures à la chaux


    Pure et Original


    Pure et Original


    Pure et Original

    Old Linen - Marrakech Walls


    Pure et Original

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