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  • Green Palette

    Farrow & Ball

    Made with passion in Dorset, England since 1946.

    • Vert De Terre

      Vert De Terre

    • Tunsgate Green

      Tunsgate Green

    • Olive


    • Green Smoke

      Green Smoke

    • Cooking Apple

      Cooking Apple

    • Churlish Green

      Churlish Green

    • Chappell Green

      Chappell Green

    • Castle Gray

      Castle Gray

    • Calke Green

      Calke Green

    • Breakfast Room

      Breakfast Room

    • Ball Green

      Ball Green

    • Arsenic


    With interior and exterior, modern and traditional finishes available in a carefully edited palette of 132 colours, our paints are created to shape homes around the world. Our water based, low volatile organic compounds (VOC) paints are eco friendly, and with their low odour are great for your home environment and family too.


    15 colors

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    Farrow & Ball

    Farrow & Ball is the brainchild of two paint pioneers, John Farrow and Richard Ball, who met and built their first factory together in 1946, in Dorset, England. As they were then, quality and rich colour continue to be the hallmarks of Farrow & Ball’s paint. Committed to doing its part to protect the environment, Farrow & Ball offers only water-based paints, and its wallpaper is printed on paper that meets Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) standards.


    Blue Palette

    Farrow & Ball

    BP 3702


    Farrow & Ball

    Yukutori BP 4306


    Farrow & Ball

    Neutral Palette

    Farrow & Ball


    Dark Palette

    Farrow & Ball

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