Uppark - Ramacieri Soligo
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    Farrow & Ball

    Uppark - Papier peint

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    Alliance délicate de fleurs et de vignes, ce papier peint floral, reprenant l’esthétique d’un motif du XVIIIème siècle qui ornait les chambres de l’Uppark House dans l’Ouest Sussex, incarne à merveille le charme luxuriant d’une prairie.


    10 m


    53 cm


    Farrow & Ball

    Farrow & Ball is the brainchild of two paint pioneers, John Farrow and Richard Ball, who met and built their first factory together in 1946, in Dorset, England. As they were then, quality and rich colour continue to be the hallmarks of Farrow & Ball’s paint. Committed to doing its part to protect the environment, Farrow & Ball offers only water-based paints, and its wallpaper is printed on paper that meets Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) standards.



    Nuancier Roses

    Farrow & Ball

    Renaissance BP 2808


    Farrow & Ball